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Create an SSH 7 Days India tunnel account with OpenSSH, and Websocket Protocol. The account is valid for 7 days.

SSH 7 Days on Server India


Privacy & Security

Get your identity hidden online, your IP Address will be masked with our server IP. Also your connection will be encrypted.

Bypass Cencorship

Bypass Cencorship Bypass your school, government or your office internet cencorship. Unblock any site and enjoy Internet Freedom.

Boost Internet Speed

Our service may boost your internet speed and make your connection stable (stable PING). This differ by country.

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SSH 7 Days Server India

You can explore the features that we provide with fun and have their own functions each feature.

Powerfull online protection.

Internet without borders.

Supercharged VPN.

Internet without borders.

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  • Host:
  • Dropbear: 143, 444, 666, 5555, 701, 179 WS: 80, 55, 8880, 8280 ( SSL) 443
  • Dropbear SSL: 110, 443, 587
  • SlowDNS/DNSTT: Not Supported
  • Squid: 8080, 8000, 3128
  • UDPGW Port: 7100, 7200, 7300, 7400, 7500, 7600, 7700
  • Limit Acc: 0.0% Account Created
  • Status: Online
  • Active: 7 Days
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How To Create An SSH 7 Days India Account

To create an SSH 7 Days account location in India you must fill the form, input your username and your password. For username min length 3 character, max length 12 characters alphanumeric. And for password min length 1 character, max length 12 character alphanumeric. Don't forget to complete the captcha challenge to ensure that you are not a robot, and then click the Create Account button.

You can use the SSH 7 Days India on HTTP Custom or other apps on android.

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